More photos than in 2011

More photos than in 2011

  • Posted on: September 20, 2012
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With 10 more days to go, we’re very proud to announce that the number of submissions this year has already surpassed last year’s result: 168,208 images! Already a little while ago, we saw that the number of participating photographers cracked the number of last year.

While we reported before about Pere Lopez from Spain, who uploaded already more than 6700 images, it is probably good to mention there are some more photographers who are making astonishing amounts of uploads. Currently there are worldwide 12 people who uploaded more than 1000 photos – of whom 4 never uploaded a picture before! It seems that especially Spain, Poland and Germany are the feeding grounds for these superuploaders ā€“ which also explains that these three countries are currently leading as the countries with the most uploads (with more than 25,000 images from Spain!).

Photo 168,209: One of Italy’s natural monuments, Laguna di Orbetello di Ponente. Author: Viscardo Squartini, CC BY-SA

But definitely not less exciting is the number of uploaders. In India and the United States, two countries participating for the first time, the number of participating photographers goes beyond expectations. While in the USA so far already more than 800 people submitted their monumental photos, in India more than 1600 people took up the challenge and proudly submitted photos of Indian heritage.

The contest will run in most countries until September 30, with the exception of Israel that is using the Hebrew calendar and for which you can submit photos until October 14. Find your heritage and share it with the rest of the world! Click your country link on the right hand side.

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Lodewijk "Effeietsanders" Gelauff has been an active member of the Wikimedia community since 2005; over the years, he helped out as a steward and an administrator of several wikis as well as a board member of Wikimedia Nederland, member of the Chapters Committee and organiser of various internal Wikimedia activities. In 2010, he led Wiki Loves Monuments in the Netherlands together with Maarten, and was mainly responsible for the community-related part of the contest as well as for documentation, and internal and external communication. In 2011-2013, he was a member of the international organizing team. After that, he has remained involved as jury coordinator and advisor.


  1. William Mc Nerney · September 21, 2012

    I cannot find where to register so I will not be sending anything

    • Lodewijk · September 21, 2012

      Hi William,
      You can register on Wikimedia Commons on this page. Free and without any obligations.
      Next, you can follow the steps on the ‘Get Started‘ page and upload your pictures!

      Looking forward to your uploads!

  2. Rob · September 28, 2012

    What happens to the interface after Sept. 30? May we still use it to submit photos of national historic sites, or will it be taken down by Oct. 1?

    • Tomasz · September 29, 2012

      Hi Rob,
      the interface (UploadCampaigns, as they’re called in MediaWiki) will still be available for use.

      We heard that they are very easy to use, and we don’t want to make things harder for people if we don’t have to! The only change will be that pictures uploaded with those UploadCampaigns will not be part of the competition.