Wiki Loves Monuments

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Participate in Wiki Loves Monuments, the largest photography competition in the world, and help Wikipedia document monuments and heritage buildings. The only thing you have to do for that is to upload a freely-licensed image of a monument in one of the participating countries to Wikimedia Commons.

Wiki Loves Monuments will be running around the world in 2024 again. Every country organizes the competition over a one-month period between 1 September and 31 October, with its own monuments, organisation, partners and awards – and the ten best photos for each country will be submitted to the international finale. By entering a national competition, you automatically compete in the international competition.

We will list the participating countries here and in Wikimedia Commons as soon as they join Wiki Loves Monuments this year.

In 2023 the following countries participated:

While we maintain a more up to date overview in Wikimedia Commons, we have conveniently put together the competition pages of participating national competitions below:

  1. Armenia (Հայերեն): October
  2. Austria (Deutsch, English): September
  3. Azerbaijan (English): September
  4. Bangladesh (বাংলা): September
  5. Belgium (English): September
  6. Bolivia (Español): October
  7. Brazil (Português): September
  8. Croatia (English): September
  9. Germany (Deutsch): September
  10. Ghana (English): September
  11. Greece (ελληνική, English): October
  12. India (English): September
  13. Iran (English): 23 October – 21 November / Aban
  14. Ireland (English): September
  15. Italy (Italiano): September
  16. Malaysia (English): September
  17. Malta (English): September
  18. Moldova (English): September
  19. Nigeria (English): September/October
  20. Norway (Norsk): September
  21. Pakistan (English): September
  22. Peru (English): September
  23. Poland (Polski): September
  24. Portugal (Português): September
  25. Qatar (English): October
  26. Russia (English)[1]: September
  27. Serbia (English): September
  28. Slovenia (Slovenščina, English): October
  29. Spain (Español): September
  30. Suriname (Nederlands): September
  31. Sweden (Svenska, English): September
  32. Taiwan (臺灣話): September
  33. Thailand (ภาษาไทย): September
  34. Togo (Français): October
  35. Uganda (English): September
  36. Ukraine (Yкраїнська мова): October
  37. United Kingdom (English): September
  38. United States (English): October
  39. Zambia (English): October

Notes: [1] No photos will be submitted to the international round.