Wiki Loves Monuments


National awards

Wiki Loves Monuments is a federative contest, and therefore each contestant is able to win prizes in their respective national contest when the national contest offers them. Some countries may opt to only offer symbolic prizes. Please take a look at these more specific websites for more details. You can find a list of the national contests on the ‘Participate’ page.

International contest

The national juries will nominate photos for the international contest, which has its own jury and awards.

In 2023, there are ten main prizes and two categories of special prizes available for the international contest. These are listed below. All top-15 winners of the international contest will receive a certificate. On top of these, the following prizes will be awarded to the international winners in 2023:

Main prizes

1. Up to €2000 in in-kind prize*
2. Up to €1500 in in-kind prize*
3. Up to €1200 in in-kind prize*
4. Up to €900 in in-kind prize*
5. Up to €600 in in-kind prize*
6. Up to €600 in in-kind prize*
7. Up to €500 in in-kind prize*
8. Up to €400 in in-kind prize*
9. Up to €300 in in-kind prize*
10. Up to €300 in in-kind prize*

* This amount can be used for an editing or photography related prize or a donation to a Wikimedia compatible cause. The prize is selected by the winner and coordinators jointly. The winner will be able to propose the exact prize and vendor, pending approval by the prize coordinator (considering convenience, accounting and scope reasons). The value of the prize includes any customs or taxes that may need to be paid at the time of purchase to deliver the prize to the recipient. Any additional (customs) charges that are due later will be the responsibility of the recipient.

Special prizes


Central and South-East Asian Heritage

Following the special award for images of Sub-Saharan African heritage last year, in 2023 three pictures of monuments in Central and South-East Asia will be awarded.


1. Up to €300 in in-kind prize*
2. Up to €200 in in-kind prize*
3. Up to €100 in in-kind prize*

* see note above


Previously undocumented monuments

The goal of Wiki Loves Monuments is the documentation of heritage sites. Many places have already been covered thanks to all the contributors since the first contest in 2011, but there are still monuments that are missing images. To reward photographers who dedicate their work to such sites special prizes will be awarded in this category.


1. Up to €300 in in-kind prize*
2. Up to €200 in in-kind prize*
3. Up to €100 in in-kind prize*

* see note above


World Heritage

Wiki World Heritage funds a special prize of USD 300 for the best picture of a monument listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.
Preference will be given to the photo associated with a lesser-documented site on Commons. For instance, if there are two equally stunning photos, one featuring a well-documented site like the Eiffel Tower and another showcasing a less-documented monument, the latter will be the favored choice. Additionally, particular emphasis may be placed on sites included on the UNESCO List of World Heritage in Danger.