One sunny Heritage Day in Gouda

One sunny Heritage Day in Gouda

  • Posted on: September 13, 2012
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Wiki Loves Monuments was present at the Heritage Day in Gouda, september 8th. You might know Gouda from the yellow cheese which was originally produced there, but the city is also home to the stroopwafel – the cookie that has become very popular in Wikimedia circles. We worked with the team of Gouda Heritage Day to inform the public about Wiki Loves Monuments and the special contest for photos of Gouda monuments, both the national monuments and the municipal monuments.

Wiki Loves Monuments caravan in Gouda. Photo: Edwin de Kemp

The public was very enthousiastic about the concept of the photo contest but some 10 % of the people was – interestingly enough – not familiar with the name Wikipedia, one of top ten of best visited websites in the world.The day coincided with the Open Heritage Days on which many monuments in the Netherlands open up for the audience and people can enter buildings which are normally locked down. This was of course a perfect opportunity to promote Wiki Loves Monuments!

The municipality and local volunteers helped us getting the permits to place a caravan on one of the squares in central Gouda, which we decorated with logo’s, posters and more – and had of course wifi access in the caravan so that people could use it to upload. We quickly learned that while most of the visitors of the Heritage Day were of senior age, but that often the men were taking photos, and then told they would ask their wife, “who is much smarter with those computer things”, to upload them once they got home. Often they promised not only to upload the photos of that day, but also the many photos they have collected over the years of Gouda and other cities.

All in all a successful day and a clear example that going out and about and hand approach people about this contest might be a successful approach!

(text: Els Arends and Lodewijk Gelauff)

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Lodewijk "Effeietsanders" Gelauff has been an active member of the Wikimedia community since 2005; over the years, he helped out as a steward and an administrator of several wikis as well as a board member of Wikimedia Nederland, member of the Chapters Committee and organiser of various internal Wikimedia activities. In 2010, he led Wiki Loves Monuments in the Netherlands together with Maarten, and was mainly responsible for the community-related part of the contest as well as for documentation, and internal and external communication. In 2011-2013, he was a member of the international organizing team. After that, he has remained involved as jury coordinator and advisor.


  1. Elke · September 13, 2012

    How cool is that – a Wikipedia caravan?

  2. Aleta Chavez · September 18, 2012

    I work in the Dallas Community College District (Cedar Valley College) and do student mentoring and club advising. This would be a great opportunity for our students to be engaged and be a part of something special! I would love to take part in this endeavor. Please feel free to contact me via email or 972.860.8045. Thank you and I will be uploading pictures of Guatemala, Spain and Mexico.

    • Elke · September 18, 2012

      Hello Aleta, it would be great if you could motivate your students to participate in Wiki Loves Monuments! Please check the contest websites on the right side for details of a country. Guatemala, unfortunately, is not part of the contest this year.

      Have fun!

    • Smallbones · September 18, 2012

      If you have photos now, I’ll suggest just start uploading them.

      For anything you’d like to do in the US, please contact me at with any questions or comments.

      For anything regarding Spain or Mexico, I’ll suggest contacting the organizers on the individual country sites (links on the right). Unfortunately Guatemala doesn’t have have a WLM this year.