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The Fetsund Booms by Jarle Kvam, CC BY-SA 4.0

The Fetsund Booms by Jarle Kvam, CC BY-SA 4.0

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on Jul 02, 2011

Welcome to the Wiki Loves Monuments 2011 website! Wiki Loves Monuments is a photo contest around monuments in September throughout Europe. Coming September more than 15 countries, from Portugal to Estonia, will organize their national Wiki Loves Monuments contests. During this month long contest, you can submit photos of monuments, which can be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons through a dedicated interface. The best photos will win a prize, and the top-10 photos from each country will be submitted to the European contest.

This blog will provide some basic information about the European contest, provide updates and also tell you more about the exemplary developments in some of the countries. If you want to know more about the national contest, please visit the dedicated website of the country you would like to take photos of in the right sidebar navigation of this blog.

We hope to share more detailed information and updates with you in future blog posts, so make sure to subscribe to this blog / return here later on. We hope to be able to welcome you in September as one of our contestants.