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  • Posted on: September 8, 2011
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There are monuments everywhere, and it is quite simple to participate! However, it is of course much more fun to go together with a group, explore the monuments of a city and make sure the whole city has been covered. That is exactly what we try to accommodate in Wiki takes the City!

We organize one day events within Wiki Loves Monuments, where people can get together, and get to know a city a bit better. Depending on the local preferences this can be more (planned walking routes) or less (here is a list, have fun!) organized – but a common goal is of course to make lots of photos and have fun together.

These local events are a great opportunity to get to know Wikipedians if you don’t know them yet! Generally they are open to everyone to participate, and usually free of cost. See the details page for more information.

If you would like to participate in such a local event, look at the list hereunder or contact your national organization. If you are willing to help out with organizing the local event in your city, they might well still try to pull it off.

The cities with local events announced by their national organizers are:

Past events:

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