Hippie Bug93 – one of the super participants

Hippie Bug93 – one of the super participants

  • Posted on: September 9, 2011
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It’s been almost ten days since Wiki Loves Monuments started and we’re about to reach 27,000 uploads. Germany, the first country with more than 4,000 submitted pictures, is now steady the country with the most uploads. Among the most active uploaders is a user called Hippie Bug93 who despite being new to the Wikimedia projects has already contributed almost 130 pictures.

A former mill in Bergheim - one of Hippie Bug93's first submissions

Hippie Bug93, in the real world a 17-year-old named Daniel, became aware of the contest through local press coverage and his hometown’s Facebook account. In a partnership with Wikimedia Germany, Bergheim, a small city near Cologne, calls upon its citizens to photograph the monuments in their neighbourhood and upload them to Wikimedia Commons.

As a member of the local heritage club, Daniel has been interested in the region’s history and old buildings for a long time. “I had thought about contributing to Wikipedia before,” he explains, “but I never actually did.” For the contest, Daniel is taking his hometown village by village, with the printed lists from Wikipedia as a guide.

With the first pictures uploaded, Daniel started to add them to the lists on Wikipedia as well. “It took some time to figure out the editing,” Daniel says. He has already set up his User page and started to edit regular articles as well. So asked for his future plans, he states: “If I see the opportunity to contribute to Wikipedia after Wiki Loves Monuments has ended, I will certainly do so.”

(Text by Kilian Kluge)

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